Committees advise and assist the GM and Board in conducting the business of the Association.

Meets two weeks prior to each Board meeting to hear from Committee chairs and members.  Issues that can’t be solved may be forwarded to the Board for consideration.

Reviews, monitors, and oversees new construction, modifications, and exterior modifications on members’ property to ensure compliance with the Bylaws and Restrictions  for each section


Reviews common areas in the community that need improvements and makes recommendations to the General Manager (GM) and/or Board to ensure common areas are maintained and community is marketable from an aesthetic perspective.


Works with the GM and Board Treasurer to compose a draft of the annual budget for consideration by the Board and for reviewing financial information on a periodic basis.



Makes recommendations for improvements and revisions of Association documents and tools.


Works with other committees to find ways to utilize creative marketing tactics to present Foxwood Hills as the future for residents in Oconee County.

Neighborhood Watch

Assists Security team with notifications of suspicious behavior and watching after neighbors’ property when they are away from home.


Oversees the dissemination of information about the nominations process and accepting applications from the membership. The Chair works with the POA Office to investigate any potential nominee to determine if they are current on all fees, dues and assessments and in compliance with all restrictive covenants. Committee also ensures a secured process for the tally of ballots for the annual election and any special elections.


After inspecting the roads in the community, committee is responsible for developing and presenting to the Board both long-term and short-range strategic plans for maintaining and improving the roads.


Plan and execute social events to keep the community engaged and active for all ages.